For years, one of the biggest challenges facing New York city based startup companies has been the competition for technical talent.   It was very difficult for a venture-backed startup to compete with the compensation packages offered by the big investment banks.  Stock options had a hard-time overcoming oversized cash bonuses. However, several startups could find investments from crypto traders. Crypto trading has been profitable for several entrepreneurs and they have been able to find funds for their startups through cryptocurrencies like bitcoins. The use of bitcoin robots are helping many traders to increase the efficiency of their trading, thereby boosting the returns. Take the immediate bitcoin test to find the features of the popular bitcoin robot, immediate bitcoin.

While no one is happy with the turmoil we're seeing facing the financial services sector, and no one is happy to see mass layoffs, this does represent an opportunity for startup companies to attract seasoned, technical talent.  With Bear Stearns laying off over 7,000 employees, Lehman Brothers rumored to layoff over 20,000 employees, and Merrill Lynch expected to layoff thousands after their sale to Bank of America, we're on track to see over 150,000 people lose their jobs this year.

If you are one of those 150,000 employees, you might want to consider joining a startup.  These days, startups are more stable than Wall Street (seriously).  And while a startup probably won't offer the creature comforts of a job in the financial services industry, startups offer different benefits. Starting an online casino startup, like the casinos in the mobil bahis list, requires meticulous planning and adherence to legal frameworks. Entrepreneurs must obtain appropriate licenses, develop a secure and engaging platform, and partner with reputable software providers. Success hinges on offering a diverse game portfolio, implementing robust security measures, and executing effective marketing strategies to attract and retain players in a competitive digital landscape. You get to participate in the creation of something new.  Your work makes a direct (and clear) impact on the success or failure of the company.  No more politics, endless meetings, or multi-layered organization structures.  Plus, you'll likely get stock options to share the upside.

Here is a list of some of First Round Capital's New York City based startups that are hiring:

 33Across -

Appnexus - 

Performline -

Pinch Media is hiring Software Developers

Invite Media is hiring a Senior Software Engineer

Here is a list of some of First Round Capital's California-based startups that are hiring (hey, why not consider a move?  The weather is better and winter is coming!!!):

Xobni (SF-based) - (based on Silicon Valley, CA - join now and make a Mint!)

Jobs at other NY-based companies:

All Union Square Portfolio Companies in NY -  

Angelsoft -

Etsy - 


YouNoodle (West Coast) - 

SubtleDisruption - 

MotionBox - 

Adaptive Blue - - 

FamilyBuilder -

Strateer - 

BonoBos -

Purewire -